11 Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

11 Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool


11 Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

Many people love the idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard. They will be able to go outside and enjoy a good swim. There are some things that you should consider before installing a pool at your residence. There are 11 things that you should know before building a swimming pool.

Home Insurance

Check with the home insurance company to see how much the policy rate will increase when you install a pool. While a pool is fun it is often a safety risk. There will also be requirements for this coverage. You might need to install a fence with a lock as well to keep children from wander into the pool depending on the area you live in.

Pool are Work

It takes a lot of work in order to keep a pool clean. One day of rain can through off the pH levels. You ahve to be prepared to put a lot of work in to keep the water sparkling.

Ongoing Expense

Owning a pool is expensive. You will have to pay for the cost of water to fill the pool. You will also need to pay for the upkeep, fixing anything that breaks, and for winterization. You should make sure you are able to afford the pool and everything that comes along with it.


Be sure there is enough space in the yard for a pool. Adding a pool will make less room for other outdoor activities. A family has to be willing to give up for other outdoor fun for their pool.


You are going to have to invest time to keep the pool clean. You are going to need to invest in a quality filter. While the pool may be costing you a nice amount of money you cannot get cheap when it comes to the filter. A good filter will keep the pool clean.


You do not want to swim in a cold pool. They may need to purchase a water heater to make the water comfortable for swimming. A solar cover may also be needed to help heat up the pool.


You should check with their town to make sure they have enough room for a pool. You need to check the local zoning regulations. If you don’t do this the town may be able to force them to take down your new pool.


Accident happen. You need to have an action plan in case a child or even a pet get into the pool and cannot swim. You may want to get your children swimming lessons before the pool is erected.


You should determine how deep they want their pool. Many pools are three or four feet deep. Some can be deeper. Consider the age of their children and their swimming ability when selecting a pool.


Some above ground pools can be installed by the homeowner while some may require a professional contractor. A contractor is going to charge a decent amount of money. This is something that must be considered.


Check and see if the pool comes with a warranty. If the liner rips you are going to want to make sure this and other things like the filter is going to be covered.


These are just some of things that a homeowner has to take into consideration before installing a pool. While a pool can provide a lot of fun they are a safety concern as well as an additional expense.